HomeStar Rentals Ltd will provide:

  • Professional Service at all times and in all situations.
  • Take the hassle out of dealing with the Tenant/s
  • Essential knowledge on all the rights and obligations of the Landlord
  • Essential knowledge on all the rights and obligations of the Tenant as per The Residential Tenancies Act 1986
  • Collect rent on a weekly basis (in advance)
  • We have a zero tolerance for rent arrears, when and if this occurs, appropriate action is taken immediately as per the RTA 1986
  • Collection of Bond Monies (four weeks) and dispersing to the Department of Building and Housing within the legal time frame
  • When a property becomes available, free advertising on our web site, TradeMe and local papers, regular correspondence to viewings and prospective tenants, and also a warrant of fitness maintenance schedule given to the Landlord for upgrading and maintenance of investment portifolios
  • Careful screening of prospective tenants, this includes full credit checks, and personal references and ex landlord references



  • We co-ordinate with our reputable tradepeople and tenants to ensure work is carried out efficiently and cost effectively
  • Organize the payment to tradespeople
  • Regular 13 week inspections at a charge of $30 + GST. A full report is issued to the Landlord and provides a maintenance report and a foreseen management plan



  • 2 Payments a month ie 15th and 1st or the first working day thereafter and end of month statements and attached invoices emailed to the Landlord
  • Financial statements sent at the end of every financial year, we can liase with your Accountant.